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2008 Environment

Bicycle Transportation Alliance

We’re big fans of moving to less oil-reliant forms of transportation; this year, we moved to using a Prius or scooters to get around. As all good Portlanders do, we also spend time roaming the streets on our bikes. The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is working hard to promote bicycling and to create safe conditions on the road for cyclists,  not to mention providing a surprising array of resources for cyclers.

Salmon Safe

Salmon Safe is a local organization working to keep watersheds clean enough for native salmon to spawn and thrive.

Green Empowerment

Green Empowerment is located right here in Portland and working on renewable energy for those without throughout the world. We were particularly impressed with Green Empowerment’s dual mission of working within communities for long-term sustainability while also focusing on education right here in the United Stated to promote an understanding of the importance of environmentalism, social justice, and sustainability worldwide.


We also spread a bit of additional love to folks near to our hearts – OPB. We cannot imagine our days without Rick Steves, Nova, All Things Considered, Think Out Loud, Frontline, and so on.

We want to thank each of you for being a part of making this happen throughout the year – Needmore clients rock!



Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.