The Woodsman Tavern

Released August 2011

A design so fresh, you can almost taste the oysters and whiskey.

Our Role: Website Design & Development

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The Woodsman Tavern is our kind of place: the whiskey is plentiful, the oysters are bright, and the folks are genuine. Be sure to stop in. (Bring a date. The Côte Du Bœuf for two will have you grinning for days.)

There is something unbelievably charming and nostalgic about The Woodsman Tavern. It is difficult to put your finger on just what is so darned right about the place. And then, it dawns—you can feel the love that has been poured into every meticulous detail, from the oil paintings and incandescent lights, to the Oregon coast oysters and Tennessee ham; you intuitively know that someone has spent sleepless nights dreaming and tinkering, thinking and obsessing until the place was just right. At Needmore, we set out to design a website as engaging as this restaurant experience.

Visual atmosphere

We designed the Woodsman website as a strong visual introduction to the atmosphere of this Southeast Portland gathering spot. This is a place where someone in the neighborhood could stop in for a drink and a snack on their way home and young lovers could while away the evening making eyes at each other over a bottle of wine and the most delicious courses you could imagine. To this end, we focused on the gorgeous photography (courtesy David Lantham Reamer), subtle vintage elements, and lovely old type.


Uncompromising responsive design

We built the website in WordPress (it is important that our clients can easily make updates). We use web fonts from Typekit because we’re not satisfied with what comes on the average computer. We made sure that there are big, lovely photos as a backdrop to the experience. And, because many visitors will be searching for the restaurant on the go, this is a fully mobile, responsive website design. Do visit the site on your cell phone or iPad—it’s lightning fast. On the phone, we strip out all unnecessary visual flourish, so that folks can get the details they need as quickly as possible.

An integrated reservation system

Looking for a better way to capture reservations, we built an integrated reservation system right into the site. Visitors get an amazing and immersive photography experience while searching for the perfect table.

Newsletters to match

And, as is so often the case, we designed an email template that fits like a glove. Easy to view on on your cell phone or iPad — you can stay up to date on all the latest events and menu updates. Perfect when your stomach’s grumbling and good company’s calling.