Released November 2012

Almost as relaxing as the massage you'll be sure to book.

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Löyly is a breathtaking Scandinavian-inspired sauna in Southeast Portland. It is a beautiful space, and it’s clear from the care that went into its design that its proprietor, Jessica Kelso, is very passionate about what she’s doing there. We wanted to bring that relaxing vibe and passion to her website.

We crafted a clean layout that incorporates all the redesign objectives while maintaining a relaxing aesthetic. (The site is integrated with their booking system and features gift certificates.) And for the user on the go, the Löyly website is fast, easy to navigate, and has all of the important information at your finger tips no matter what device you’re viewing it on. Scheduling a massage or facial has never been easier. There are a couple of little details we’d like to draw your attention to. The branch graphic in the upper left? Yep, it animates just a bit every time you load a page! Try resizing your browser to its narrowest, as if you were on a phone. Notice how the main menu collapses into an intuitive widget, and the critical information (address, phone, and so on) becomes more easily accessible. This is the first thing you see on a phone, and it’s a big win for folks in a hurry.All these little details add up to a site we’re incredibly proud of. We hope you like it as much as we do.



Responsive Design is the future, folks, and the future is looking good. Löyly’s website is clean and easy to navigate on your smart phone, your iPad, or your desktop. You can schedule a massage, book a facial, or see if your favorite masseuse is available—all on your cell phone. If that is not relaxing, then I don’t know what is!

Online booking and certificates

Who wants a massage? Don’t be silly—of course you do! There is nothing like a massage appointment on the horizon to brighten your day. Löyly’s new website makes it easy to plan your next visit without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You can book your visit and buy gift certificates for your loved ones without breaking a sweat. Next time you need an awesome present on the fly, why not be a hero and buy a gift certificate from Löyly? Your friends will thank you and it only takes a minute. Genius.

Clean and modern design

Here at Needmore, we believe good design is both functional and beautiful. Having a responsive website is in step with the modern lifestyle and is rapidly becoming the new norm. So take a look at the Löyly website on your phone, your iPad, or grab those corners on your desktop and watch the magic happen!