De La Paz Coffee

Straightforward and striking, a fitting representation for a bold new take on coffee blends.

January 2014

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Perhaps the most poorly-kept secret about Needmore is our love of coffee. Which is why we were thrilled at the opportunity to redesign the De La Paz website. Having redesigned their packaging, it was time to update their website too. We designed a site featuring their infographic-style designs that work well with the photography.


Amigos de la cafe

We have known Jodi Geren, co-owner of De La Paz Coffee, for a very long time. Ray and Jodi worked together at Stumptown Coffee circa 2000, and became fast friends. We were ecstatic to work on this project, not only because our founders have a shared history, but because we are kindred spirits. No, really… If we were a coffee company, we might well be De La Paz!


What is De La Paz doing that is so special?

Well for starters, they are sourcing and roasting good coffee, both single source origins and blends. They have named their blends after musical references that saved us in our youth. Peel Sessions, anyone?

Sharky, head roaster at De La Paz, took beautiful lifestyle images, while we took product shots in our very own conference room. Together these images tell the story of the brand, inviting you into a narrative that welcomes you into the fold of a good cup of coffee.

Ripe with inspiration for the eyes and ears, we got to work. De La Paz’s old site was in Shopify, and while it worked just fine, it had limitations. They needed a website that could handle recurring subscriptions and could take the design to the next level. We set out to make a website that fit their functionality needs, while displaying their coffee in a unique and memorable way.


Design process

Deceptively simple, our design mockups created a visual language that got out of the way of De La Paz’s vibrant packaging. From the custom home layout, to the playful shop pages, the designs are straightforward on any device. We came up with them one Friday afternoon, tossing around ideas and whiskey shots. It came to us in a flash, and the whole visual language just fell in place.

And it survived! For various reasons, projects can often drift from their original idea, but this one didn’t drift far. We showed our first few ideas, then pitched what you see today, warning our client that it was a “bit of a stretch” but that we thought the look would be exciting, cohesive, and very distinct. De La Paz trusted our vision, and we delivered. What’s more, we created mockups for both desktop layout and for mobile, so the client could see all of the designs before moving forward with production.


We work well together

That said, we would be lying if we pretended it wasn’t a collaboration. Various tweaks were suggested and entire product categories added during the project, and toward the end, our client had a great idea for the design of the cards that represent the products, and we incorporated it without hesitation.



Like most of our projects, you don’t see the half of it. Since it’s e-commerce, we worked with our client to ensure that all the features and configuration they required to support payments, subscription billing, a choice of shipping methods, and inventory management were ready from day one. We helped with hosting, compliance, and marketing.

And yes, when they add a new coffee, the fancy diagram graphic on the home page updates automagically!

Today the website allows people to place subscription orders, so that coffee will automatically arrive at their doorstep. Our subscriptions allow people to select the frequency (once a week, once every two weeks, etc.) and allows them to cancel at any time.