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Raymond Brigleb

Creative Director

Ray is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, which is the East Coast as far as anybody in Portland can tell. Raymond has been making websites since 1997. They’ve only improved, trust us.

Raymond has recently brought his keen, laser-like focus to burn into topics such as typography, social marketing, and the—more often than not—successful goal of running a business while having a good time. It is his ambitious treatises that grace much of our blog.

Besides design, Ray’s other passions are photography, good historical biographies, and rattling his coworkers while he enthusiastically broadcasts his avant-garde musical selections. Raymond’s favorite colors have included orange, blue, pale red, aqua, and lime green, in no particular order.

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Kandace Brigleb

Studio Director

When you pick up the phone and give us a call, it’s Kandace you’re talking too, which is nice because Kandace is a born communicator. Is that because she was born in Japan? We’ll never know. Wherever she hails from, she is often the calm in the eye of the design storm.

Kandace brings to the team a BA in cultural anthropology and an MA in Linguistics. With a thesis on online communication under her belt, she was studying online communication when AOL Instant Messenger was cutting edge.

Her interests include: the ocean, cooking, travel, art, Japan, and keeping up with her young daughter Zoë.

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Dan Manchester

Web Developer

Dan Manchester built his first website in 1997 for an undergraduate course assignment. After college and a stint at poetry school (aka: MFA in Creative Writing), Dan worked as a copywriter. When the designer on a writing project fell through, copy writing led to design. Design led back to the web and Dan fell in love with the process of building sites. He’s been at it ever since.

Dan’s originally from Rhode Island and spends his non-internet time reading, hiking, cooking, and running after his young daughter.

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