Hiring: Web Developer

Join our team and help us build some of the best websites around.

Wanted: Web Developer.

We need someone who can take ideas and turn them into clean, solid code. Someone who can grasp the big picture while still getting the details right. Someone who can turn out great designs without losing their sense of humor. You’re out there. We know it. Together we’ll do great things.

Who is Needmore Designs?

We are a team of five charming individuals in downtown Portland, Oregon, with an international client base. We are excited about telling compelling stories online, helping grow the brands we represent, and staying ahead of the next big thing.

We work clients in design, coffee, food and drink, architecture, and other design-focused industries. We respect the hell out of our clients.

We’ve been around for ten years now, but we’re just getting started, yo. We’re growing and continually improving all the time, and we could use some help accomplishing bigger things.

The Position

We are looking for a mostly-front-end web developer with varied skills. While you will be doing some back-end work, it is not much development.

Our simple WordPress sites have gotten increasingly sophisticated, and our e-commerce sites have gotten more frequent. We believe that sites built with the most pragmatic and agile approaches are the best. Our clients depend on us to do great work on a budget, and we deliver.

You will be part of a workflow that starts with HTML-based wireframes, and quickly evolves into a fully-functioning website with a well-designed backend. Design is how it works, involving everything from how you set up your content entry to how you show it on a web page.

The ideal candidate will work on site, in beautiful Portland, Oregon. You will start with a three month trial period, which will let us both see how things work out.


  • Help us build killer websites. Using a text editor.
  • Put together projects in WordPress and other content management systems, and get them successfully launched.
  • Document and version-control your work.
  • Exercise design sense, good taste, and an understanding of what a client needs.
  • Set up, manage, and configure hosting environments.
  • Install, configure, and manage (mostly PHP-based) websites frameworks and projects.
  • Maintain current skills and industry best-practices.
  • Be accountable for tasks, track time, and keep team members in the loop.


  • Strong skills with WordPress and other PHP-based content management systems.
  • Respect for best-practices on the web, on front-end and back-end, especially for responsive design and “retina” displays.
  • Good understanding of PHP, MySQL, Apache and other web servers, Linux and similar operating systems, and related technologies.
  • Understanding of WHOIS, DNS records, SSL certificates, PCI compliance, and e-commerce technologies.
  • Understanding of issues involved in reliably deploying optimized websites from git code repositories.
  • High level of comfort using git alongside other developers, including deployments, code reviews, and workflows like gitflow.
  • Ability to troubleshoot basic server issues and maintain servers reliably.
  • Strong, respectful communication skills with both teams and clients.


  • Experience developing WordPress plugins and building sites with WooCommerce.
  • Experience with Magento, LemonStand, and other popular e-commerce platforms.
  • Familiarity with web services and popular APIs.
  • Experience with Rails, Node, and other frameworks.

Perks include vacation time, health insurance, time for conferences and education, great on-site espresso, lovely view, and sane work hours.

We believe in a work/life balance. To us, that means reasonable work weeks, ability to care for yourself and family, and a positive studio environment that flows with killer coffee and spinning vinyl, right on the river in Old Town Portland.

In order to apply, please write to jobs@needmoredesigns.com and be sure to include:

  • your three top skills
  • your three best references
  • your website URL
  • your résumé
  • your desert-island album
  • links to the best sites you’ve built, and
  • why you want to work with Needmore.

If you have code in GitHub, we’d love to see it. Please start your message with “I am a real person” to save us wading through the inevitable pile of spammy replies. Thank you!